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“ “That we are all in a fight for our Culture our Food our Life’s. It calls out the need for us to come together for our existence. The people we elect work for us!! We are the power let’s use it”! – Ron Finley ———————————————————————————————–


“You always come with that fire G. Timely and timeless every time”. – M1 of DEAD PREZ———————————————————————————————–


“Cavem is a creative visionary, representing the culture of hip hop as much as he reps the vision to transform our cities and our minds. I had to pull up on my bro for the 1 FOR THE HOOD visual. We met on the frontlines marching for climate justice almost a decade ago. This song is an ANTHEM. For the land. For the people”.-Xiuhtezcatl Martinez –———————————————————————————————–



“How amazing to see a seed sprout and grow into its fullest potential. One apple seed can produce around 500 apples per tree per season. I apple produces 5-13 seeds. It’s been truly an honor to see Ietef’s passion evolve and grow through these years. What he has created with Biomimicz is another gem and has been a major asset to music and community, and you can grow gardens with it if you sprout that life”. –  Alkemia Earth————————————————————————————————–


 Kitted with hemp threads, pockets lined with packets of seeds and a megaphone – the perfect protest pairing – the clip features DJ Cavem, Alkemia, Ill Se7en, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, and Earth Guardians marching on the Denver capitol building as part of the national strike for climate action (#climateaction). Young generations and long time climate warriors were there in force and reminded us constantly to work with Nature, to protect her beauty and abundance– to find balance. From food systems that feed us to the fiber systems that clothe us, our hope is that this project brings awareness, aiding us all in paths to regenerative solutions for national and worldwide communal issues. Favorite Lyrics for Rec. “If we can shop at the mall over a shoe piece – we can march on the front lines for that new peace – lyrics always meant to teach the blind that’s what I see” Overall Perspective on the relationship between REC and Hip-hop/DJ Cavem: Greening up the hip hop industry, one thread, and awakened artist/festival/merch product sale, at a time. Education/performance and product pairings to generate awareness around beauty, and destruction, and Hip Hop’s influence in the paths. Cultural and positive, iconic trend leadership helps us all better represent values in the art to life when products are attuned – natural fibers, not plastic, local and FUBU mentality vs. overseas of essential goods) – REC (R) HEMP CLOTHING COMPANY . ———————————————————————————————–



On December 6th, 2019, F4D Studio had the opportunity to once again link up with DJ Cavem, aka the OG (Organic Gardner), to create the music video for his latest single, 1 For The Hood. The song is a single off Cavem’s BIOMIMICZ EP, which Cavem uses to advocate for the environment, healthy eating, and social justice. The video follows Dj Cavem, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and the Earth Guardians as they march at the national strike for the climate crisis in downtown Denver, CO. Sporting a megaphone and clothing from hemp-based apparel company, Recreator, Cavem’s words aim to move people to action. His message is further amplified by the gripping imagery that the F4D team was able to capture during the shoot and implemented into the finished piece. We, at F4D Studio, are always excited to work on projects like 1 For The Hood, because not only are we able to build a great visual story, but we also are working on a project in line with one of our four main values, compassion. Each time we work with DJ Cavem we know that we will be creating a story with the goal of having a positive impact on the world.” – F4d Studios———————————————————————————————–


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